Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on Scientology Human Trafficking Crimes

SME reports:

As per a posting I just made on WWP here is an update:


An amended complaint has now been made in the legal action of Laura DeCrescenzo vs. the church of scientology international.

A copy of the newly amended complaint can be found at:


Laura's complaint has been amended to add a claim for fraud because evidence is now at hand that organized scientology knew their "staff" documents would not be enforceable or effective, but used them anyway to intimidate employees.

Also, additional law including federal law has been added to the human trafficking claim, a subsection addressing the freeloader debt has been added, and a very useful California Supreme Court case has been added to the mix.

The complaint is very long and much of it has not been changed except for cosmetic reasons. Most of the changes and additions are in paragraphs 10, 14, 22-26, 42, 48, 51, 71-77, and 101-end.

Apparently there will be irrefutable testimony showing the fraud behind these agreements going back to the mid 70s and including people directly involved in same who actually worked with the diminished one who knows all about it. IMHO one person especially, whose name I will not mention but his initials are "David Miscavige", knew about the fraud all along and gave orders to perpetuate it.

As I understand it, this fraud charge is indeed quite serious, not to mention the other matters referred to above.

Much more is coming but this is an update to go with Marc's update on his own suit.

I do believe that the perfect shitstorm is forming in the western skies.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woman Driven Insane By Scientology

This is absolutely horrible. There is a video on YouTube of a Scientology customer who has been driven absolutely insane, worse than Tom Cruise, if you can believe it. Here is the video:

Click Here for Insane Scientology Customer

The poor woman has been subjected to such debilitative brainwashing and human rights abuses by Scientology that she starts screaming "pussy!" over and over until whatever's happening in her head causes her to turn around and walk away.

This is what Scientology does to people. The Scientology crime bosses and ringleaders deliberately drive people insane because they're so much easier to control and rook money out of such people when they're incapable of thinking for themselves. Scientology opposes mental health because a healthy, sane populace does not give their money to organized crime syndicates.

That level of violent insanity is what eventually kills innocent people.


Atrocitus wrote:

Hi guys. I'm one of the protesters in Minneapolis that day.

It started off as any other protest, really. Singing, dancing, handing out fliers. Around 11 or noonish, Georgia Tourettes comes by, pointing at all of us and calling us stupid. (lol wut) She as you already know by now had an issue with us wearing masks. While one Anon braved her rampage to explain to her why most of us wear masks, she wasn't having it and kept on with her shit. So chants of "Don't feed the troll!" were given and she flipped us off and walked away...right as a Minneapolis P.D. was rolling up onto Nicollet. Unfortunately, nothing happened to her and was given a warning.

She then came by a second time with the same nonsense, although with less energy. A couple of Anons tried explaining Fair Game again, but no success there. Most of us just pointed and laughed as she passed.

Then the third time around, she started her pussy rant. In an effort to drown her out and perhaps save some little kid's ears, we started our chants. And as you see in the vid, she gets up in as many faces as possible before going to hang out at the bus shelter about a half block away for like a minute. Surprisingly enough, she came back. But wasn't shouting at the top of her lungs. So brave anon from before attempted again to explain Fair Game. So she walks into the org. Three minutes later, she comes out and declares in her own special way that it doesn't exist.

Around this time, Minneapolis P.D. rolls up again and tells her to GTFO. I'm still curious as to why they didn't just arrest her. Last I checked, that amount of swearing loudly was illegal here. At least she was out of our hair for the rest of the day.

Whether or not she was a Scientologist, I'm not sure. She could very well be one of the random drunks that hang around Nicollet Mall. However, pretty much all of them have been fun and cordial and nice to us. For drunks, that is. So Scientologist: high probability.

Other then the video that Chipotle customer grabbed, one of our guys grabbed some and put it on his channel, found here:



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Insane Scientology Infiltrators Thrown out

Utterly amazing. These insane Scientology criminals are so hurting for money that they're trying to "poach" customers right from out of Christian churches, trying to rook and swindle people while hiding their true identity.

Get a load of what these fuckers have been up to. It's great seeing that Anonymous is out there helping to protect people from these Scientology criminals.

Rant Scientology invades Baptist convention

Definately go to the blog that reported this for the comments that have been posted. Here is the report copied for the CCHR blog:

Rant Scientology invades Baptist convention

Cincinnati Baptist Church held a convention on mental and physical health this weekend in Cincinnati. Churches such as this one are increasingly providing conventions such as this to bring in doctors and mental health councilors who can talk with their parishioners and test them or advise them on health issues.

In today's economy and many increasingly going without medical benefits, events such as this may be their only way to meet with health professionals at no cost and receive advice and information that could lead them to affordable care.

What started as a simple function to help those who seeking care turned into a strange comic like event involving cultist infiltrators into the convention who were then followed by a mysterious group of masked protesters who came to warn the convention goers against the menace that walked among them.

While the parishioners of the church came into the convention center seeking advice and to learn about important health issues from medical professionals, another group of people came slinking in behind them with a separate agenda. Sporting clipboards with questionnaires and pink flyers railing against psychiatry and the medical industry, Scientologists came in seeking the names and phone numbers of those attending the convention.

But you wouldn't hear from them that they were out recruiting for the so called "Church" of Scientology, a non christian cult that is in direct competition with the Baptist Church as well as against many forms of medical treatment and all forms of psychiatric treatment. Revelations of who they really were would come later when those who gave out their information were invited into their "org" building and struck with a high pressure sales pitch that would put them on the path to changing from Baptists to Scientologists.

Convention security caught the soliciting Scientologists and threw them out multiple times before another group showed up, a masked group of protesters known as Anonymous. The Baptists were at first concerned their convention was being targeted. However the Baptist Church representative in charge of the convention came out to speak to the protesters to find out why they were outside wearing masks and learned the real reason they were there... to warn the Baptists that the people with the clipboards and pink flyers were there to try to lure them into the Cult of Scientology.

The representative was quite upset to find out they were being targeted and moved quickly to announce over the loudspeaker system to everyone inside to avoid giving personal information to the Scientologists and that they were non Christian cult members trying to poach Baptist membership with fake questionnaires and "personality" tests. The warning given to all, the Anonymous protesters moved back to protesting the Scientology cult building a block away.

This kind of infiltration of medical based conventions by Scientology cult members is nothing new and plays out in many major cities across the US, often unbeknownst to those running the events. Thankfully many citizens are using their power of free speech and anonymity to come out and face down the cultists and to warn those who are running these helpful events that they are being lied to by the cultist recruiters who come in under the guise of providing their own form of "help".

So if you or your church are going to be running one of these conventions, beware of infiltrators bearing clip boards and who are evasive about who they are or simply claim they are there to talk about "Dianetics". Beef up your security and screening and involve law enforcement to remove the Scientology recruiters in case you need to get an injunction to keep them off the premises in the future.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scientology Child Abuse -- Denial Mental Health

This is absolutely horrible. Scientolgy subjects little children to their extremly debilitating brainwashing asnd insanity, all to rook and swindle money out of the rubes!

Read this horror and wonder at why the law enforcement and health officials of the United States don't act to put a stop to this horriffic Scientology crime syndicate child abuse.

A really, really Good Cry….

Hi. My name is Jessy Terrenzi. I wrote a letter a few years ago on how donating and helping the Pasadena org helped me and my family. I want to write a new letter now as we have continued to help and we have done better and better as individuals and as a family since doing this. I am 13 years old. I now have two brothers. Micael Terrenzi is 11 years old. My other brother is Matthew Terrenzi and he is 7 months old.

I have been receiving auditing for over 7 years now. My brother Micael has been receiving auditing for about 5 years now. We know auditing and Scientology work and have helped both of us very much in our lives. Here are some examples of how it has helped us:

1. I had trouble communicating with other people especially when I was trying to get them to do things I needed done. In session, I realized that I was going about it all wrong and realized that I had to tell people why the thing was important and get their agreement on it first. Everybody does what I say now!

2. Auditing has made both me and my brother more aware. My brother notices things around him that are actually there and things that he didn’t really notice were there before.

3. I realized that I am a good person. I like being a good person. I actually like it a lot.

4. My brother and I have always been very good friends and we always take care of each other but sometimes we didn’t agree on stuff and this really bugged me. I was taught the communication cycle and realized that we were not acknowledging each other. We just kept rushing ahead to try and get the other one to see our points. I talked with Micael about this and then we tried it a few times and it worked! We always make sure to acknowledge each other and other people. I once did this to a girl in a grocery store and she was so happy that I did it that she gave me a hug and thanked me and then smiled all the way out the store! Neat huh?

5. Micael and I give people assists all the time now. If someone at school gets hurt, Micael and I will run over and help them until they are better. I once gave someone assists for 5 hours at my school until her mother could get there to pick her up and take her to the doctor. I finished the assists after 5 hours and she was almost all better by the time she actually went to the doctor just from the assists! I also taught 3 people that didn’t know anything about Scientology what assists are and what they are for and then gave them assists and they decided they would get auditing next.

6. My mother and father are very upstat people. My daddy works at the Hubbard College and helps people every day to learn new things about the technology that LRH made just for us. He has worked at the Hubbard College for 11 years now. You can get actual college degrees now at the Hubbard College. My dad gives seminars to people about the administrative technology that Ron made. My mommy is always helping people. I mean always. She is on the phone with them. She emails them help. She does seminars to people and even if it is our dinner time or her bed time she helps people. My mom and dad have an agreement with us to always help people. That is our family agreement. I think we are lucky because a lot of people want to help other people but we actually know how to because of LRH and what I have already learned.

7. I sold Dianetics books to people. My brother did too. Sometimes they don’t smile at you but that’s okay because they just don’t know what I am trying to give them. I just keep smiling at them and being nice to them and tell them that this book and LRH saved my life and my mommy’s and daddy’s and brothers’ lives. Some of them want the book when I say this and they buy it. Some of them say no thanks. One time I saw a woman and she walked past me 7 times with a mean face and then the next time she said “hi” and then the next time she said, “what is that?” in a mean voice and then she said “okay, I’ll buy one.” I smiled because I knew she really wanted the book. And one time a woman came back to show her husband Micael because he was so nice and smart and had sold her the book that she knew would change her life.

8. One day my mom and my brother Micael were at the OT Committee meeting at Pasadena. Someone there was talking and said that everyone on the planet was not a Scientologist yet. That night, all my brother could talk about, was the fact that everyone on the planet was not a Scientologist. He was very confused about this. I learned this a long time ago. He then decided that he was going to handle that. He asked my mom if he could have her bright red shirt that says, “I am a Scientologist” on it. It is really big. He likes the shirt a lot and he wears it a lot. Sometimes people stare at us when we are out and he is wearing the shirt. We like to show them that we are upstat and very nice people so they can see for themselves what Scientologists are like. He wants them to know that it is a very, very good thing to be a Scientologist.

9. I have learned a lot about why Scientology is so good. I know it helps people. I know it helps people to live better lives. I know that people can learn about it themselves and that no one makes them do it. They decide and then they use the things that they learn to actually make their lives better. I told my grandma this. She got very excited and asked my mom and dad to help my aunt by getting her to do some courses.

10. I know my little brother Matthew likes Scientology too because he gets so excited when he’s around Scientologists. He loves my mom’s OT 8 certificate too.

A while ago, my mom wrote a commendation report on me for being so upstat and I said thank you but I really wanted to do it anyway. I don’t like to think about all the sad people out on the whole planet. My mom says there are a lot of sad people and we need to help them. She also said that sometimes people don’t think any one else will really help them anymore because some bad people did not really help them before. But she says to just keep standing there and smiling and helping anyway. I think she is very smart because I know if someone kept staying there and smiling and helping that I would listen. Also Craig and Sally Jensen help Pasadena and I really love them a lot. They are very nice to me all the time and I see them being nice to a lot of other people too. I want to help them too. Craig told me that if we can get a big nice building in Pasadena than we can have everyone in Pasadena in Scientology in 5 years or something like that. I wish it were faster for the sad people but I think 5 years is better than later.

My family has donated over $126,000.00 to Pasadena org. We became Alumni’s for V alley org and Nashville org too. I gave most of my job money and so did my brother, Micael. My brother and I really want a really big nice building in Pasadena because there are a lot of people who don’t know about Scientology there. We have sold a lot of our toys and some cards that we have been collecting and we did lemonade stand on a weekend to get more money for Pasadena. We also bring a lot of people to the fundraisers so they can help and feel good too.

I feel really good when I do it because I know that I may make some sad person happy now.

When my brother, Micael, finished Self Analysis he had a pretty good success story. It said something like, “I am happy. I am really happy. I found a better life because of auditing.” I thought this was pretty cool and I was very happy for my brother. We decided we want this feeling for all the people in the world. Even any bad people because we think that maybe they won’t be bad anymore if they are happy. My brother says that ever since he finished a PTS handling and ARC Straightwire that he doesn’t get upset about things very easily. This is good because he likes to be happy. He really hates to be sad.

I wanted to write how I feel about Scientology for all of you who are helping to make the Pasadena org really happen because you all work so hard and you need to know that you are upstat and that if we all do this and we all help more people and we all give just a little bit more money then we can all have a beautiful Pasadena Org and so can the people in Pasadena.

I am in the middle of Grade 0 now. I remember what is was like before I got auditing and I only hope that all the other people in Pasadena will be getting auditing with me soon because I know they will be a lot happier than they are now.

I hope you can do more. I see a lot of people at the OT Committee and I know a lot of you help so much. I hope you can do more. I know all the people in the world will feel the real kind of love for you. Not that fake stuff that polite people say to polite people cause they are all being polite but the real kind of love that sometimes makes me cry when I feel it. Not a bad cry but a really good cry. A really good feeling cry. My mommy cries like that when she sees people really helping other people. It’s a really good cry, the kind that no one can take away. Anyway, I feel that kind of love for all of you. Thank you for all your help and I am going to keep helping too.

I put an older picture of me and my brother (Micael) below and a new one of my family with my mom, dad, Micael, Matthew and me.

Love to all the people in Pasadena and the world, Jessy and both my little brothers too (Micael and Matthew Terrenzi)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Scientology Virtually Holds Daughter Hostage

It's every parent's nightmare. Someone kidnaps their child or their child disappears never to be seen or heard from ever again. It's a nightmare that no parent should have to go through but it happens far too often around the world every day.

The notorious Scientology Corporation has a long history of human rights violations, domestic espionage, financial frauds and scams, and a long, long history of breaking up families when loved ones attempt to help get their son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife out of the clutches of the Scientology crime syndicate.

Horribly a woman who had her daughter taken away from her by Scientology 12 years ago finally saw her daughter on a video during a protest against Scientology's human rights abuses. The mother hopped on an airplane and came to the United States to try to speak with her daughter and Scientology has been denyinng the mother the right to speak with her own daughter!

There have been many videos of this latest incident of family destruction by Scientology however here are two that are informative:

Mother tried to get Scientology to allow her daughter to meet with her part 1

Mother tried to get Scientology to allow her daughter to meet with her part 2

The details about this latest Scientology atrocity can be found here:

Public discussion about Scientology's human rights violations and breaking up families

Another discussion about this atrocity can be found

here at the Ex-Scientology Kids web site's discussion forum.

Get this: Scientology said that they would engage in hostage negotiations with the mother if Anonymous left and the mainstream media did not get involved! Scientology is willing to allow the mother to "negotiate" for her daughter if the public relations "flap" resulting from this virtual kidnapping stops and the mother enters Scientology's business office by her self, alone without police, FBI, the Department of State, her British Embasssy, or anyone from Anonymous accompanying her.

Because of the mainstream media calling up these violently insane criminals Scientology was eventually forced to frog march the daughter to a local police station where they ordered the daughter to tell the police department that she was in the Scientology compound on her own free will and that she did not want to see her mother -- this while the Scientology crime syndicate stood over her and watched to make sure she spoke her scripted lines.

This is what Scientology and their "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" is all about. The denial of people's rights to make decisions for themselves, the destruction of families, they core racketeering crimes and abuses that is the hallmark of more traditional organized crime rackets that engage in kidnapping for money or political reasons.

That's Scientololgy.

It has happened a lot and it will continue to happen until the criminal enterprise is rolled up, its ringleaders and crime bosses sent to prison, its remaining customers are set free.

Another well documented Scientology family destroying

Friday, February 27, 2009

Scientology Infiltrates Parent Teachers Association

This is outrageous! The notorious Scientology criminals are trying to infiltrate the PTA -- the Parents Teachers Association! Scientology... The criminal enterprise that attempted to disrupt relief efforts in New York in the aftermath of the September 11'th terrorist attacks, the same cult that has started claiming that the mental health industry is responsible for September 11'th.

Get a load of this:

The Scientology crooks will try to sneak in under their fake name "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" and no where will the insane crooks mention the fact that they are actually Scientology!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scientology Kills Another One Kyle Brennan

This is absolutely outrageous! While Scientology customers and family of customers are murdered or induced to suicide and Scientology's body count continues to climb in ones and twos, law enforcement officers and health officials sit back and, because of the lack of political will to roll up the Scientology crime syndicate to put a stop to Scientology's human rights abuses and financial frauds, these killings are allowed to continue.

Scientology non-customer Kyle Brennan had his medication taken away from him on orders from the Scientology crime syndicate.

Another Scientology Death

The PDF file containing the civil complaint for this latest "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" death can be found here:

Scientology CCHR Anti Medication Death

Details about this latest Scientology killing can be found here:

In Memory Of Scientology Victim Kyle Brennan

And Florida criminal prosecutors sit with their thumbs up their recums and do nothing.

Here is the mother's Memorial Page complete with photographs of the victim.

Good bloody grief.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alleged Scientology Company Measurable Solutions Allegedly Violates Human Rights

This is greatly disturbing. The notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation crows endlessly about some how being in favor of human rights and civil rigts, even creating a fake "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" fake front to spew their frothingly insane anti-mental health conspiracy notions. So it's ironic to run across this little tidbit about an alleged Scientology company calling itself "Measurable Solutions."

Scientology Customer Allegedly Fired For Learning About Xenu, Body Thetans

If this is all true (and since the "Knowledge Report" was allegedly written by the alleged Scientology company) this is more evidence to throw on to the mountain of evidence that proves that the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation is rabidly against human rights and civil rights, to the point of firing people for learning the truth about the Scientology bait-and-switch bunko fraud they call Xenu. (See Body Thetans and Xenu for details about this bunko fraud.)

The company itself can be found here:

Measureable Solutions Web Site

The claimed creator of the company is allegedly one Jeff Lee, a known Scientology customer and apparently now a known Scientology ringleader, details of which can be found Here for Jeff Lee.

This is another outrage, one in which the victim is probably too frightened to file a criminal complaint against to have corrected.

If any member of this "Measurable Solutions" company has an explanation for their behavior or a rebuttle, I for one would love to see it. I would love to see how they justify their actions in light of their notorious cult's demands that they support human rights and civil rights.

My opinions only, as always, and only my opinions.

First leaked document
Second leaked document

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scientology Crooks Go Insane With Court Ruling

This is very amusing for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it must really make Scientology's ringleaders and crime bosses extremly insane (even more so) with anger and frustration. Get a good look at the following link:

Court Rules Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

There is some irony here. John Travolta allowed his son Jett to die because the frothingly insane Scientology Corporation told him that there is no such thing as autism, an ailment which his son demonstrably, visibly had and which John Travolta denied, blaming his son's illness insanely on carpet cleaners. Jett Travolta Carpet Cleaners

But at the same time that Scientology claims there's no such thing as autism, the Scientology corporation considers autism to be the results of invisible alien infestations they call "Body Thetans." WikiPedia on Body Thetans

Scientology is rabidly against vaccination for diseases because customers are eventually told (after they purchase a reading of OT3 -- Operating Thetan Level 3) OT3 link that all medical, mental, and emotional problems are caused by those murdered invisible space alien fragments (Body Thetans) that have attached themselves to humans.

Before the aliens can be scraped off with "auditing," the "consequences" of "drug use" -- such as vaccinations -- have to be dealt with, all of which costs a great deal of money, of course. That's the fraud. That's the bait-and-switch bunko scam.

So now the courts have once again Judically recognized what science has already discovered long ago: Vaccinations do not cause autism.

This must make Scientology kingpins shitting themselves in frustration that another of their insane notions used to rook and swindle people has been officially smacked down.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Insane Scientology Lunatic 911 Conspiracy Nutter

You Tube video

Here we have a frothingly insane Scientology nutter spewing absolutely insane lunatic conspiracy theories trying to blame September 11th on the mental health industry, all of which are controlled by the Marcabian Invasion Fleet from outerspace, the insane froth that the nutter's drug-addled messiah L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up while stoned to the gills.

And here is another fucking insane Scientology lunatic spewing:

Second YouTube video

Also check out this coverage of the lunatic cultists:

More coverage

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scientology Jett Travolta Death Squirreling

This is the timeline of what we think happened.

1. Jett Travolta dies.

2. Someone in Anonymous finds this LRH Policy:
A lecture given to the Flag Dianetic Auditing Team on 7 April 1972.
C7204C07 SO

3. We exploit the policy and videos go viral of this lecture:

YouTube - Scientology: Hubbard on EPILEPSY

4. Tommy Davis goes on television. misapplies Scientology and also lies, making win for Anonymous:

YouTube - Message to Tommy Davis Scientologist

5. Scientologits take notice of his misapplication of KSW, and make a video:


Text: "I am outraged by what our supposed "spokesman" Tommy Davis said on television on January 8, 2009. He says that it's okay to use antiseizure psych drugs in Scientology. This is disgusting and clearly false. LRH was very clear. To receive Scientology auditing, you have to stop taking antiseizure drugs.

They say Jett Travolta was on Depakote to control his seizures in the past. DEPAKOTE IS A PSYCH DRUG! It is used in psych-invented conditions like bipolar disorder. The CCHR website and the Freedom Mag website even list Depakote as a dangerous psych drug.
Fiction Masquerades as Science - Buying Off the 'Drug Traffic Cop' - Freedom Magazine Published by Church of Scientology

It is also listed as a "mind-altering psychotropic" here:
Children at Risk

Let's get one thing straight, I hate the bigoted anti-Scientologist extremists and the Anonymous cyberterrorists who have been attacking my religion. But I have borrowed this video that seems like their kind of thing, because for once I agree with the outrage.

Scientology management and our celebrity members have been doing things that are out-tech and out-ethics. I have seen so many outpoints, from the squirreling of the Basics to this latest flap. Why isn't Tom Cruise condemning the Travoltas for using harmful psych drugs on their son? In the 2004 IAS video he said he doesn't hesitate to put ethics in on somebody else, but now he is being reactive and supporting the use of psych drugs.

If what his lawyer said is true, John Travolta allowed his son to be harmed by Depakote, a dangerous psych drug.

Tommy Davis is spouting psych propaganda and undermining Dianetics and Scientology when he says that physical illness is solely the domain of so-called medical doctors.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about "physicians" in Dianetics:
"The problem of psychosomatic illness is entirely embraced by Dianetics, and by Dianetic technique such illness has been eradicated entirely in every case. About 70 percent of the physician's current roster of diseases fall in the category of psychosomatic illness." - that's in Chapter Five of Dianetics.

"Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited... tonight she doesn't have arthritis" - History of Man, by L. Ron Hubbard, page 7

"Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis." -? The History Of Man, page 20

"And the problem is not limited to street drugs; the effects of medical and psychiatric drugs, whether painkillers, tranquilizers or "antidepressants," are as disastrous." from the Scientology Handbook
Answers to Drugs, How can Scientology help me...

Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but the last few years in the Church of Scientology have not been good. I believe this indicates there are SPs in Scientology management. I can no longer pretend that the Church is running well. But I am still a Scientologist because I know in my heart that the tech works."-ILOVESCIENTOLOGY, youtube
6. Long-time youtube Scientologist supporter ScientologySon, mirrors this video, as well as changes his user info:

Joined: July 07, 2008
Last Sign In: 2 hours ago
Videos Watched: 1,238
Subscribers: 8
Channel Views: 1,702
I am suspending my support of The Church Of Scientology until this travesty is resolved with Tommy Davis. I am not and never will be a freezoner or anonymous. This not about them but about Tommy Davis lying to the public about who and what we are. We are Scientologists. KSW.
Age: 28
City: Hollywood
Hometown: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Website: Official Church of Scientology Online Videos-What is Scientology, Scientologist Beliefs, Spiritual Healing with Dianetics
Report profile image violation"

YouTube - Tommy Davis is lying about OUR religion Scientology Is against Psych Drugs

Text: "This is NOT KSW!!!
Fiction Masquerades as Science - Buying Off the 'Drug Traffic Cop' - Freedom Magazine Published by Church of Scientology
We have nothing to be ashamed of!Speak Out NOW Scientologists!!!This is not right!!!I want answers or I will go PUBLIC!

Now this just what we've found in the past day. I can't imagine how much buzz is going on behind closed doors in the Scientologist world. But gentleman, this is serious now. The house of cards is falling down.

Friday, January 02, 2009

John Travolta's Son Maybe Denied Medicine

The horror of a parent who loses a child is unimaginable unless it happens to you, and I can't imagine what it must feel like. What worries me is that with Scientology's insane refuseal to allow its customers to have medicine, John Travolta's son Jett may be another victim in Scientology's long history of treatable deaths, the consequence of the notorious Scientology criminal enterprise's quack medical insanity concocted by L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology Customers Protesting Against Mental Health

If Jett was denied medicine or was subjected to the Scientology Corporation's deadly quack medical fraud they call "NarCONon," criminal charges must be filed against Travolta and the Scientology crime bosses who ordered the denial of medicine.

Extensive discussions and details about this latest death can be found at

Jett Travolta Situation Room

Video evidence showing Jett