Friday, January 02, 2009

John Travolta's Son Maybe Denied Medicine

The horror of a parent who loses a child is unimaginable unless it happens to you, and I can't imagine what it must feel like. What worries me is that with Scientology's insane refuseal to allow its customers to have medicine, John Travolta's son Jett may be another victim in Scientology's long history of treatable deaths, the consequence of the notorious Scientology criminal enterprise's quack medical insanity concocted by L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology Customers Protesting Against Mental Health

If Jett was denied medicine or was subjected to the Scientology Corporation's deadly quack medical fraud they call "NarCONon," criminal charges must be filed against Travolta and the Scientology crime bosses who ordered the denial of medicine.

Extensive discussions and details about this latest death can be found at

Jett Travolta Situation Room

Video evidence showing Jett


Anonymous said...

vid proof

JenSully9 said...

What a terrible loss, but as an Aunt to a 16 year old, high functioning autistic nephew, I feel very strongly that child abuse/neglect charges should be filed against Travolta and Preston. How was a 51A never filed in Jett's defense? I am a mandated reporter and I would report this in an instant!

I took care of my nephew for 3 months when my sister fell ill, and while there is no "treatment" or "cure" for autism, there is a lot you can do to help your child. I spent HOURS makign sure that I did what ANY responsible, caring parent/guardian would. I met with school counselors, Social workers, the DMR (department of mental retardation, now or soon to be the DDD Department of Developmental disibilites), special education teachers, therapists, you name it. If you don't know autism first hand, then you can't imagine what it is like for these kids!!

The fact that their religion dismisses autism is simply ignorant. What is wrong with these people? Child with autism need special treatment to do the simpliest of things. Let me give you an example, one parent/teacher day, my nephew saw a string on his pant leg very early in the morning and even after it was removed, THE REST OF THE DAY was shot, as he could not focus on anythign else, and he is HIGH FUNCTIONING!!! Jett, if treated appropriately, would have had social skills training, however you may phrase it, and IEPS (special Education plans).

Are the district attorney's (or whoever is the one to look into something like this) doing anything? I suspect that because they are famous and they sheltered Jett and masked his disease, there was never an opportunity for anyone to reach out and help Jett...

I know this may seem harsh, but I truly feel for the parents loss. NObody should have to go through this; on the other hand, no child show have been shunned by a community based on a mental handicap. Who is standing up for Jett? Who had HIS best interest in mind and not their own image to uphold, (in my opinion, absurd), religious beliefs at heart?

We need to speak for Jett Travolta.