Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scientology Jett Travolta Death Squirreling

This is the timeline of what we think happened.

1. Jett Travolta dies.

2. Someone in Anonymous finds this LRH Policy:
A lecture given to the Flag Dianetic Auditing Team on 7 April 1972.
C7204C07 SO

3. We exploit the policy and videos go viral of this lecture:

YouTube - Scientology: Hubbard on EPILEPSY

4. Tommy Davis goes on television. misapplies Scientology and also lies, making win for Anonymous:

YouTube - Message to Tommy Davis Scientologist

5. Scientologits take notice of his misapplication of KSW, and make a video:


Text: "I am outraged by what our supposed "spokesman" Tommy Davis said on television on January 8, 2009. He says that it's okay to use antiseizure psych drugs in Scientology. This is disgusting and clearly false. LRH was very clear. To receive Scientology auditing, you have to stop taking antiseizure drugs.

They say Jett Travolta was on Depakote to control his seizures in the past. DEPAKOTE IS A PSYCH DRUG! It is used in psych-invented conditions like bipolar disorder. The CCHR website and the Freedom Mag website even list Depakote as a dangerous psych drug.
Fiction Masquerades as Science - Buying Off the 'Drug Traffic Cop' - Freedom Magazine Published by Church of Scientology

It is also listed as a "mind-altering psychotropic" here:
Children at Risk

Let's get one thing straight, I hate the bigoted anti-Scientologist extremists and the Anonymous cyberterrorists who have been attacking my religion. But I have borrowed this video that seems like their kind of thing, because for once I agree with the outrage.

Scientology management and our celebrity members have been doing things that are out-tech and out-ethics. I have seen so many outpoints, from the squirreling of the Basics to this latest flap. Why isn't Tom Cruise condemning the Travoltas for using harmful psych drugs on their son? In the 2004 IAS video he said he doesn't hesitate to put ethics in on somebody else, but now he is being reactive and supporting the use of psych drugs.

If what his lawyer said is true, John Travolta allowed his son to be harmed by Depakote, a dangerous psych drug.

Tommy Davis is spouting psych propaganda and undermining Dianetics and Scientology when he says that physical illness is solely the domain of so-called medical doctors.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about "physicians" in Dianetics:
"The problem of psychosomatic illness is entirely embraced by Dianetics, and by Dianetic technique such illness has been eradicated entirely in every case. About 70 percent of the physician's current roster of diseases fall in the category of psychosomatic illness." - that's in Chapter Five of Dianetics.

"Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited... tonight she doesn't have arthritis" - History of Man, by L. Ron Hubbard, page 7

"Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis." -? The History Of Man, page 20

"And the problem is not limited to street drugs; the effects of medical and psychiatric drugs, whether painkillers, tranquilizers or "antidepressants," are as disastrous." from the Scientology Handbook
Answers to Drugs, How can Scientology help me...

Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but the last few years in the Church of Scientology have not been good. I believe this indicates there are SPs in Scientology management. I can no longer pretend that the Church is running well. But I am still a Scientologist because I know in my heart that the tech works."-ILOVESCIENTOLOGY, youtube
6. Long-time youtube Scientologist supporter ScientologySon, mirrors this video, as well as changes his user info:

Joined: July 07, 2008
Last Sign In: 2 hours ago
Videos Watched: 1,238
Subscribers: 8
Channel Views: 1,702
I am suspending my support of The Church Of Scientology until this travesty is resolved with Tommy Davis. I am not and never will be a freezoner or anonymous. This not about them but about Tommy Davis lying to the public about who and what we are. We are Scientologists. KSW.
Age: 28
City: Hollywood
Hometown: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Website: Official Church of Scientology Online Videos-What is Scientology, Scientologist Beliefs, Spiritual Healing with Dianetics
Report profile image violation"

YouTube - Tommy Davis is lying about OUR religion Scientology Is against Psych Drugs

Text: "This is NOT KSW!!!
Fiction Masquerades as Science - Buying Off the 'Drug Traffic Cop' - Freedom Magazine Published by Church of Scientology
We have nothing to be ashamed of!Speak Out NOW Scientologists!!!This is not right!!!I want answers or I will go PUBLIC!

Now this just what we've found in the past day. I can't imagine how much buzz is going on behind closed doors in the Scientologist world. But gentleman, this is serious now. The house of cards is falling down.

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