Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woman Driven Insane By Scientology

This is absolutely horrible. There is a video on YouTube of a Scientology customer who has been driven absolutely insane, worse than Tom Cruise, if you can believe it. Here is the video:

Click Here for Insane Scientology Customer

The poor woman has been subjected to such debilitative brainwashing and human rights abuses by Scientology that she starts screaming "pussy!" over and over until whatever's happening in her head causes her to turn around and walk away.

This is what Scientology does to people. The Scientology crime bosses and ringleaders deliberately drive people insane because they're so much easier to control and rook money out of such people when they're incapable of thinking for themselves. Scientology opposes mental health because a healthy, sane populace does not give their money to organized crime syndicates.

That level of violent insanity is what eventually kills innocent people.


Atrocitus wrote:

Hi guys. I'm one of the protesters in Minneapolis that day.

It started off as any other protest, really. Singing, dancing, handing out fliers. Around 11 or noonish, Georgia Tourettes comes by, pointing at all of us and calling us stupid. (lol wut) She as you already know by now had an issue with us wearing masks. While one Anon braved her rampage to explain to her why most of us wear masks, she wasn't having it and kept on with her shit. So chants of "Don't feed the troll!" were given and she flipped us off and walked away...right as a Minneapolis P.D. was rolling up onto Nicollet. Unfortunately, nothing happened to her and was given a warning.

She then came by a second time with the same nonsense, although with less energy. A couple of Anons tried explaining Fair Game again, but no success there. Most of us just pointed and laughed as she passed.

Then the third time around, she started her pussy rant. In an effort to drown her out and perhaps save some little kid's ears, we started our chants. And as you see in the vid, she gets up in as many faces as possible before going to hang out at the bus shelter about a half block away for like a minute. Surprisingly enough, she came back. But wasn't shouting at the top of her lungs. So brave anon from before attempted again to explain Fair Game. So she walks into the org. Three minutes later, she comes out and declares in her own special way that it doesn't exist.

Around this time, Minneapolis P.D. rolls up again and tells her to GTFO. I'm still curious as to why they didn't just arrest her. Last I checked, that amount of swearing loudly was illegal here. At least she was out of our hair for the rest of the day.

Whether or not she was a Scientologist, I'm not sure. She could very well be one of the random drunks that hang around Nicollet Mall. However, pretty much all of them have been fun and cordial and nice to us. For drunks, that is. So Scientologist: high probability.

Other then the video that Chipotle customer grabbed, one of our guys grabbed some and put it on his channel, found here:



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Formerly Fooled said...

The "Pussy!!" rants, ala John Carmichael, gave her away, lol.