Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scientology Crooks Go Insane With Court Ruling

This is very amusing for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it must really make Scientology's ringleaders and crime bosses extremly insane (even more so) with anger and frustration. Get a good look at the following link:

Court Rules Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

There is some irony here. John Travolta allowed his son Jett to die because the frothingly insane Scientology Corporation told him that there is no such thing as autism, an ailment which his son demonstrably, visibly had and which John Travolta denied, blaming his son's illness insanely on carpet cleaners. Jett Travolta Carpet Cleaners

But at the same time that Scientology claims there's no such thing as autism, the Scientology corporation considers autism to be the results of invisible alien infestations they call "Body Thetans." WikiPedia on Body Thetans

Scientology is rabidly against vaccination for diseases because customers are eventually told (after they purchase a reading of OT3 -- Operating Thetan Level 3) OT3 link that all medical, mental, and emotional problems are caused by those murdered invisible space alien fragments (Body Thetans) that have attached themselves to humans.

Before the aliens can be scraped off with "auditing," the "consequences" of "drug use" -- such as vaccinations -- have to be dealt with, all of which costs a great deal of money, of course. That's the fraud. That's the bait-and-switch bunko scam.

So now the courts have once again Judically recognized what science has already discovered long ago: Vaccinations do not cause autism.

This must make Scientology kingpins shitting themselves in frustration that another of their insane notions used to rook and swindle people has been officially smacked down.

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