Monday, February 16, 2009

Scientology Kills Another One Kyle Brennan

This is absolutely outrageous! While Scientology customers and family of customers are murdered or induced to suicide and Scientology's body count continues to climb in ones and twos, law enforcement officers and health officials sit back and, because of the lack of political will to roll up the Scientology crime syndicate to put a stop to Scientology's human rights abuses and financial frauds, these killings are allowed to continue.

Scientology non-customer Kyle Brennan had his medication taken away from him on orders from the Scientology crime syndicate.

Another Scientology Death

The PDF file containing the civil complaint for this latest "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" death can be found here:

Scientology CCHR Anti Medication Death

Details about this latest Scientology killing can be found here:

In Memory Of Scientology Victim Kyle Brennan

And Florida criminal prosecutors sit with their thumbs up their recums and do nothing.

Here is the mother's Memorial Page complete with photographs of the victim.

Good bloody grief.

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