Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on Scientology Human Trafficking Crimes

SME reports:

As per a posting I just made on WWP here is an update:


An amended complaint has now been made in the legal action of Laura DeCrescenzo vs. the church of scientology international.

A copy of the newly amended complaint can be found at:


Laura's complaint has been amended to add a claim for fraud because evidence is now at hand that organized scientology knew their "staff" documents would not be enforceable or effective, but used them anyway to intimidate employees.

Also, additional law including federal law has been added to the human trafficking claim, a subsection addressing the freeloader debt has been added, and a very useful California Supreme Court case has been added to the mix.

The complaint is very long and much of it has not been changed except for cosmetic reasons. Most of the changes and additions are in paragraphs 10, 14, 22-26, 42, 48, 51, 71-77, and 101-end.

Apparently there will be irrefutable testimony showing the fraud behind these agreements going back to the mid 70s and including people directly involved in same who actually worked with the diminished one who knows all about it. IMHO one person especially, whose name I will not mention but his initials are "David Miscavige", knew about the fraud all along and gave orders to perpetuate it.

As I understand it, this fraud charge is indeed quite serious, not to mention the other matters referred to above.

Much more is coming but this is an update to go with Marc's update on his own suit.

I do believe that the perfect shitstorm is forming in the western skies.

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