Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Tom Cruise Is Insane: Blame Scientology

Why Tom Cruise Is Insane: Blame Scientology

The freakishly bizarre antic of Tom Cruise (View Video here and another Here) have their roots in the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation's highly debilitative "auditing" and 'Training Routines' which Scientology subjects its customers to, a process specifically designed to turn people's minds in to pudding solely to make them pliable enough to endlessly hand their money over to the criminal enterprise without question.

In Carl Sagan's book Demon-Haunted World Sagan wrote that Scientology's conman messiah L. Ron Hubbard had developed a written procedure for driving people insane, and the antics of Tom Cruise, Kirsty Alley, and to a lesser degree John Travolta - not to mention numerous glass-eyed robotic cult followers in Clearwater, Florida, and Los Angeles, California - it would appear that Sagan was completely correct.

While Scientology undeniably drives some of its customers absolutely insane, the origins of that insanity rest with L. Ron Hubbard, a man so ponderously driven by drugs, alcohol, and sexual problems that his insanity continues to be perpetuated among Scientology's ringleaders, crime bosses, and customers.

This is why the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation hates the mental health industry so much. L. Ron Hubbard was profoundly insane, ending his life screaming about invisible murdered space aliens that infested him which he called Body Thetans, part of the endless bait-and-switch bunko frauds that Scientology sells to its customers.

The Scientology Corporation's core criminality driven by Hubbard's mental problems resulted in Scientology creating another one of their seemingly endless fake fronts, this one called their 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights', a name that's rather ironic given the criminal enterprise's massive human rights and civil rights violations involving their Rehabilitation Project Force prison system for its customers who attempt to flee.

We look at Tom Cruise on the movie screen and what we see isn't an actor attempting to play a role but a profoundly insane cultist, a cultist whose notorious lunacy has virtually ruined his career. But the origins of what has made Tom Cruise what he is today, the origins of the criminal enterprise's fake front 'CCHR,' everything started with the profound insanity of L. Ron Hubbard, a man who fled Federal prosecution for his racketeering, domestic espionage, blackmail, extortion, kidnapping, money laundering, forging bomb threats et al. which culminated in the Operation Snow White Federal indictments, an operation which Scientology continues to commit against society today.

Don't blame Tom Cruise for his insanity. Blame L. Ron Hubbard.

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