Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alleged Scientology Company Measurable Solutions Allegedly Violates Human Rights

This is greatly disturbing. The notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation crows endlessly about some how being in favor of human rights and civil rigts, even creating a fake "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" fake front to spew their frothingly insane anti-mental health conspiracy notions. So it's ironic to run across this little tidbit about an alleged Scientology company calling itself "Measurable Solutions."

Scientology Customer Allegedly Fired For Learning About Xenu, Body Thetans

If this is all true (and since the "Knowledge Report" was allegedly written by the alleged Scientology company) this is more evidence to throw on to the mountain of evidence that proves that the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation is rabidly against human rights and civil rights, to the point of firing people for learning the truth about the Scientology bait-and-switch bunko fraud they call Xenu. (See Body Thetans and Xenu for details about this bunko fraud.)

The company itself can be found here:

Measureable Solutions Web Site

The claimed creator of the company is allegedly one Jeff Lee, a known Scientology customer and apparently now a known Scientology ringleader, details of which can be found Here for Jeff Lee.

This is another outrage, one in which the victim is probably too frightened to file a criminal complaint against to have corrected.

If any member of this "Measurable Solutions" company has an explanation for their behavior or a rebuttle, I for one would love to see it. I would love to see how they justify their actions in light of their notorious cult's demands that they support human rights and civil rights.

My opinions only, as always, and only my opinions.

First leaked document
Second leaked document

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